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  Sunset over the Orwell Bridge.   The 3 Wotsits!   Ancient Rome, digitally doubled!  
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  A digital photograph. Click on it for more details and photographs of both the natural, and the manmade worlds. For some variations of this shot, click here   This is a scanned image of one of my encaustic paintings.For more encaustic art, and details on materials and techniques, click on the above image.   A click on the above picture leads to my thoughts and acknowledgments page. I have included links to various useful and cool sites.  

All photographs on this site are the original work of Paul and Beverley de Boos and named contributors.

If you like any of our pictures enough to put them on your system as backdrops or screensavers

then we would be delighted, but please do tell us so that we can feel good!

If you want to use any on your own website, please feel free to so,

provided you credit us, and give a link to this site.

Paul & Beverley de Boos, 2000.

This offer does not extend to any works by guests.

Please respect all images, and do not copy or distribute them for financial gain.


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